It may seem strange that my first post is called “resurrection.” True, I have had blogs and websites before (the geocities page I had when I was 17 is probably still floating around out there), but this is not about that. This is about something I started seven years ago, and didn’t continue with until now. This blog is to keep me accountable to you, and to myself.

Seven years ago I found myself in the unenviable position that many adults with congenital heart disease experience: I was beginning to learn that the hole in my heart that I was born with was not quite fixed, and it was fast becoming something more sinister than a childhood memory. Always interested in writing, I started to work on a short story with the intention of selling it. As I became sicker, my obsession with my story only deepened. Finally, I submitted the story with a polite cover letter on the deadline, which just happened to be Halloween.

The next month and a half passed anxiously, as I alternated between checking my email, attending hospital, playing video games, and pretending to write a PhD. Fortunately, Christmas came a little early that year, and on one day in early December two things happened. I underwent my first open heart surgery as an adult (which was not without complication), and I became a paid writer (I still have a photocopy of the check for $25 I received in the mail).

Since then, I have struggled to write. This blog, I hope, will change that.

Welcome to Sugar and Mice (it’s a hell of an origin story. Maybe sometime, I’ll find a way to tell you)!

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